Disposable Sink Trash Bag (100 pcs set)

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Product Details:

1. The product is made of elastic material, which is easy to adhere to the tank filter and remains stable, and is suitable for various sizes of sink filters. Fine mesh, lightweight polyester material, mesh diameter is less than 1mm, watertight filtration. Using the bathroom can prevent hair from clogging.
2. Kitchen sink filter screen The filter screen of the water tank will not deform under high temperature, and it can be used at any time to keep hands clean. Many experiments have shown that when boiling water falls, the mesh does not deform.
3. Easy to use, cover the leaky net on the floor drain of the sink, take it out and throw it away, and discard it when cleaning it. The elastic mouth is connected to the sink basket and will not float or be washed away by water.
4. Some small food residues in the sink are not easy to clean. Put on the filter and carry it gently. Convenient and easy to clean.

• Size : 9x9CM
• Material: Polyester spandex
• Color: Mixed
• Made in China
• Warranty: N/A
• Brand: Jadroo


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